Hi, I'm Daniel, founder of Tie.

Not too long ago, I sat down and thought about what the biggest problem our technology-native generation was facing. It was right in front of me, buzzing away on my phone.

I believe current social media and social networks are built in a way that harms our ability to meaningfully connect with one another. They're highly addictive, superficial, and socially isolating. They also run a reputation of violating user privacy and selling it to third parties.

I believe in ad-free, private social networking as a path forward. I also believe in revenue transparency. In my opinion, it's better to explicitly pay for the products and services that you love, rather than with your personal data and attention, as with traditional targeted advertising. We plan to eventually charge users a monthly subscription fee, but we'll keep the product free for at least one year, and always free for early adopters.

I would love to hear your feedback about what we're building.

Reach out to me personally at daniel@thread-app.com.